Ben's Cabinets is specialised in Cupboards, refridgerator-adaptions and truck upholstery

About us

We are a specialized company that comes up with practical solutions for increased truck cabin comfort! Examples of improvements we do are: Cupboards, extra bed height (with or without drawers), storage compartments above the windshield, cooling units and modifications to existing cooling units for improved accessibility, consoles for television and microwave ovens, a vast variety of table tops, and much, much more.

Besides standard orders, we also do unique projects to fulfil your wishes, as our customizing attitude makes almost every job possible. By using quality and sustainable materials, while keeping the total weight in mind, we can make your product last a car lifetime by using our state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled employees.
The placements are done at our workshop in Emmeloord Holland (free of charge) or you can do it youself, with help from our manuals.

When placing the products, we always try to use the existing bolt holes, so your truck won't look like a sieve. Most placements can be done within an hour, as we apply a prefab way of working.
Apart from "home made" products, we also offer a vast stock of truck accessories. Think for example about brand fitted chair covers, curtains, lamp mounts, wood design dashboards, floor mats, coffee machines, water kettles, etc.

As you can see, there is little we don't offer concerning truck accessories. However, if you do have special wishes or ideas, do not hesitate to inform us.
Have a look at our website and if you have any questions, you can always mail us. And of course you're more than welcome at our werkshop!

Every customer is the same for Ben's Cabinets, we want to keep our prices as sharp as possible,

so that the "normal" driver can also buy our articles, and therefore there is no room for discounts for resellers. Not even with larger numbers.

To prevent the illegal copying of our products, we do not sell to truck upholsterers or similar companies.

We deliver exclusively to and in countries that are members of the European Community

You can order and pay only via our internet site.

We trust your understanding.