Ben's Cabinets is specialised in Cupboards, refridgerator-adaptions and truck upholstery

TGA+TGX XLX Cupboard Rear

Cupboards / Cabinets fitting in  M.A.N. TGA XLX and TGX XLX Trucks (Lorry)

Cupboard in stead of 2nd Bed fitting in M.A.N. TGA XLX and TGX XLX

In Beige HPL With Silver edges.

Cupboard fitting in the back wall of the M.A.N. TGA and TGX XLX cabin,

This Cupboard is over the entire width of the cab, and is performed in a u shape.

The Cupboard is divided into 4 compartments and equipped with 4 doors with push button closures,

(also key locks possible extra charge €15 excl VAT per piece). in the middle 2 compartments is also a shelf.

The Cupboard is in the middle plus minus 32 cm deep, to the outsides the Cupboard is plus minus plus minus 48 cm deep,

and plus minus 50 cm high, and weighs 28 kg empty.

For the mounting of his Cupboard should the supplied 16 pcs 5 mm self drilling screws,

which come within the framework of the cabin be used.




     €: 533,06 excl. VAT 

The Dometic MW024 Roadmate microwave on 24 volt fits in this Cupboard, 

and can be ordered on the same order form as the Cupboard.

in Gray Velvet with gray Leatherlook inlay


Here In Licht Grey HPL with Silver Edges.

Here in Black Leatherlook with Beige Leatherlook inserts and Silver Edges

+ Sheet under the Cupboard in Beige Leatherlook with Buttons + Led Lights in upper stripe.


Left: in Wood HPL with Black edges.                    Right: in Dark Grey HPL with Black edges.

( Unfortunately, this color “wood” is no longer available. )

In Wood HPL with Black edges + Leather Cognac inserts and plate under the cupboard with Leatherlook with buttons.

( Unfortunately, this color “wood” is no longer available. )


In Dark Grey HPL with Silver edges.


Left: Grey Leatherlook with Black edges and embroidery.

Right: Creme Leatherlook with Black edges.

in Beige Leatherlook with silver Edges and key locks.

Possible Colors



Available in 6 colors HPL (hard plastic laminate)

Available in 16 colors leather look

Available in 11 colors velvet





Cupboard in HPL (hard plastic laminate)

€: 600,-excl vat

Cupboard whose doors lined with smooth leather look or smooth velvet

€: 620,-excl vat

View side bottom with smooth leatherlook or smooth Velvet: €:45,- excl vat

Sheet for under the cupboard  with 4 cm thick polyether and leatherlook or velvet with buttons

from € 135,- excl VAT

Led lights in the plate under the cupboard from € 70 excl. VAT. Choose from 5 0f 10 pieces in Red, Blue, Green, Cool White.

Inserts in doors in leather look: from € 115,- excl VAT

Lasered motif on Doors, inlays in Doors or Valves in leather look €: 12.40 excl. VAT per item.

Embroidery on Doors, Valves or inlay in Doors in leather look or Fabric €: 20.66 excl. VAT per item.

Engraving on Doors, Valves in HPL €: 20.66 excl. VAT per item.

Possible motives:

4  Led Lights in the top Strip on the front of the Cabinet, Choice of Red, Blue, Green or Cool White.  €: 55,- excl VAT




All prices on this page EXCLUDING V.A.T.

We disclaim that the articles shown here are produced by Ben’s Cabinemeubels,

and not by the relevant truck manufacturer, but only made appropriate to the individual truck.