Ben's Cabinets is specialised in Cupboards, refridgerator-adaptions and truck upholstery

Tabletops for most brands

NB !!!! We make all tables exclusively to order.
Because there are so many types, color and material choices, it is impossible to make tables in stock.

  • Our tables are not just Tables but:
  • Our tables are made from durable lightweight Ecoplex produced (so no particle board).
  • Our tables are manufactured in our own workshop in Emmeloord Holland.
  • Our tables are distinguished by an excellent fit.
  • Our tables are assembled (you do not have to put it togethe yourself (and so placed within 2 minutes).
  • Our tables are mounted with screws with caps wich not falling out.
  • The attachment is with the help of self-adhesive Velcro,
  • so that the table can also be easily removed during cleaning work.
  • Our tables are finished with specially crafted pvc edges in various colors.
  • Our Middle tables are finished with a black cloth on top.
  • Our passenger and coffee tables are on top with a smooth finish, so they are easy to clean.
  • Our tables can also be supplied with an additional removable cloth with or without embroidery in 11 colors smooth velvet or 16 colors smooth or Stiched Trough leather look.

And therefore we give a 2 year warranty on this high quality product.

In short a beautiful Dutch product for years of job satisfaction.