al 25 jaar een vertrouwd adres en meer GB

Dear Driver, Transport company and Owner-Driver

Unfortunately we can no longer accept orders from the U.K. and Ireland

in connection with the approaching Brexit on 30 March.

Hopefully there will soon be a solution for the customs and transport problems that arise due to the coming Brexit.

Welcome on our Website

We make Cupboards to suit you for very low prices and in good quality.

Now also Round Illuminated mirrors.


Scania R Highline Cupboard Doors and bottom in smooth Leatherlook Grey

with inserts in darker Grey and embroidery.

Coffee Table fitting in Mercedes MP-4  250 cm wide cab

Cupboards fitting in Scania S and R Next Generation Highline

Cupboard RearMCB MP-4 Giga Space

 in HPL Black with silver edges and inserts in Beige Leatherlook + Ledlights

Cupboard for Volvo FH 04 Globe XL in Grey Leatherlook and Black edges +

Grey Leatherlook inserts and Red Embridery on the inserts + Led Lights in the upper stripe.


Scania S Highline  Cupboard

Cupboard Fitts in M.A.N. TGX or TGA XLX

in Licht Grey Leatherlook wit Bricht Blue inserts an Led Lichts.



Cupboard with 4 doors and 3 lits in White Leatherlook with sheet under cupboard for Scania 4 Topline

Cupboard above second bed fittrd in Scania R Topline Blacj with Brass edges

Volvo FM 04 Globetrotter new Model after 2014 Cupboard rear

Cupboard in Beige HPL with Beige Leaherlook 4 cm tick inserts + V-8 Embroidery and Buttons

Enginetunnel covers and Floor mats in smooth leather look

Replacement plate and mattress for extendable bed Scania R after 2010

Daf 106 SSC EnginecoverBrown Leatherlook with gold Emroidery and machiing Coffeetable

Cupboard in stead of 2nd bed in Scania R topline

Dear Driver, Transport company and Owner-Driver

Ben,s Cabinets is specialised in Cupboards, refridgerator-adaptions upholstery and tabletops and many more,

we produce or sell almost everthing for the inside of your cabine.

And is pleased to introduce itself to you. read more>>>>>

Volvo FH 04 Cupboard

MB Stream of Bic Space 250 cm wide cabine + AIRCO off Factory Cupboard i.s.o. 2nd bed

Reanult T-CAB Cupboard i.s.o. 2nd bed

Cabinets? the most and most beautiful models you will find with us.

now all our cabinets and tables also with brass-colored edge finish

Daf 105 SSC kastdeurbekleding bijrijderskant

Daf 105 Super Space Cab

Daf 106 Engine cover

Daf 106 Chair cover

Scania R after 2010 Coffee tabel

Daf 106 Space Cupboard rear / click on the image to see more

MB Stream Space Cupboard rear / click on the image to see more

KIRK Coffeemaker 500 watt / 24 volt / 6 cups /2 years warranty

Front windscreen decoration "Acolade" Price: € 49,-incl vat

Upper Bed covering in Velvet or Leatherlook

Lets make things Beautifull

Our special service: If you like, we can mount our cabinets and refridgerator adaptions in to your cabine for you,

and we can do that on every spot all over England for verry reasonable prices.

reed more...

For The Scania G we can now deliver: Bed Modification with 30 Ltr Fridge and extra drawer + good matress

Scania R Middel Table "Lumberjack"